Aluminium Shopfronts & Sliding Doors


We produce Aluminium Bi-Folding and Sliding Doors systems that exude beauty and quality. With alternative systems such as wood and UPV the boundary between indoors and outdoors fades whereas with our slimline Aluminium profiles the two become one. The extra light and additional sense of space will surprise you and change your way of living for ever.

Aluminium Sliding Door

The Reynaers CP155 Aluminium Sliding Door is a premium insulated sliding system with elevated performances.

The sophisticated concept fulfils the user’s high expectations of optimum quality, high insulation andease of operation. The system gives a lot of design freedom by allowing very large dimensions up to 3 meters in height and up to a vent weight of 400 kg.

Thanks to the “High Insulation” upgrade, the system can achieve superior insulation levels down to 1.07 W/m²K (Uf value). This results in a glazed element with insulation values lower than 1.0 W/m²K, allowing the CP 155-HI system, which is certified with a Minergie label, to be used for low energy buildings.
Furthermore, the system is available with a low threshold that creates a perfect continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces and improves the accessibility to the building. This accessibility and comfort is further improved by the solutions for automatic opening.

Overall system depth:Frame    155 mm / 242 (3-rail / LS 3-rail)
Vent        68 mm