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January 25, 2022


Ensuring High Safety with Aluminium Shopfronts & Pin Hole Roller Shutter at Ramsgate, Kent

Adhering with the work is one of our old habits, this very habit has not only helped our customers but it also turned out to be highly beneficial for North London Shop Fronts.

Recently the team has installed Aluminium Shopfronts and a Pin Hole Roller Shutter fora premise in Ramsgate, Kent. To enhance and multiply the security level to ten times, the team opted for 8.8 mm Safety Laminated Glass along with a Single Swing Door.

In layman terms, Safety Laminated Glass is designed in such a way that it will not shatter or squander all over the place if hit under tremendously huge stress or load. It can bear multiple hits by any heavy object depicting its paramount strength. It’s a step taken in the right direction by the owner.

Not to forget the Pinhole Roller Shutter which is not allowing any sort of trick, astuteness or cleverness to break through the premise. Moreover, the Roller Shutter is allowing the cross-ventilation, adding an aesthetic look to it as well.

Altogether it was a combination of Shop Front & Roller Shutter, the team’s work made the owner happy, at the end of the day that is what we seek in our work.