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April 18, 2021


Price-Although looking at aluminium shutters may make you think its the more expensive option but in reality its cheaper, don’t let the sleek look of aluminium shop fronts deceive you. your getting a expensive look for the cheaper price.

How It Looks-Aluminium shop fronts and shutters give your business the finishing touch, this is the most important as it is the first impression of your business, the sleek shiny and reflective look of aluminium shop fronts has proven to attract more customers.

Non Corrosive-The amazing thing about aluminium is it is non corrosive, how? if the aluminium is corroded what it does is it creates a layer of Oxide which helps it stop further escalation of rust. Why is this a benefit? simply because they will last you a longer time, you will not have to worry about repairs or replacement.

Strength and Weight-Aluminium shop fronts and shutters provide close to same strength as steel but is a staggering 25% lighter, so your getting the same strength as steel but with a lighter material. Aluminium shutters are also one of the most durable options for shop fronts, which will help you save money in the future and not worry about repairs.

Easy to install-The weight of the material is less so it is easy to handle, when we visit your site measurements can be taken and the shop front and shutters will be cut to size. Why this benefits you simply because we can have your shop front complete quick and have your business ready to trade.