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May 20, 2022

Curtain Walling

    Overview of the Curtain Walling Systems

    A lightweight structure with no base and usually frameless is known as the Curtain Wall. This wall is installed adjacent to the building’s exterior as a shield for the interiors of the premises. Whether there is high rainfall, snowfall, dirt, or pollution outside – this wall ensures nothing enters inside the building. More importantly, it gives that much-needed professional outlook to the business space. These aesthetics impress every visitor and potential clients in the first glance. The Curtain Wall System is one of the primary requirements of distinct commercial buildings that stabilize the structure without any hassle. Mainly, there are two types of curtain walls – stick curtain walling systems and a unitized curtain walling systems.

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    Stick type Curtain Walling Systems

    This type of Curtain Wall is used in the buildings in small regions or the low-rise ones. These are installed outside the building piece by piece. In this system, the sticks made of aluminium are placed vertically and horizontally on different floors of the building. This is highly beneficial for the immediate requirements and for the businesses that seek economical solutions. North London Shop Fronts highly recommend this type of Curtain Walling Systems for the businesses that seek economical solutions. There is always room for adjustments and feasibility as assembling is done onsite.

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    Unitised Curtain Walling Systems

    Parts are already assembled beforehand and the only installation is required on the spot. Unitized Curtain Walling is quite renowned for quick completion. There is the least requirement of the on-site efforts as pre-fabrication is done beforehand. However, this leaves no chance for any sort of the change in plan as merely installation is left after reaching the site. But, it is great when a business seeks easy and hassle-free Curtain Walling that protects the premises with full strength. North London Shop Fronts recommend this type of system for the high-rise buildings. The best part about this walling is all the quality can be served while components are manufactured in the factory.

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