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January 25, 2022


North London Shop Fronts frameless glass shop fronts are designed and manufactured from 12mm toughened polished edge glass without obstruction of a frame, therefore creating a modern, high end feel to your shop front. Typical frameless glass shop fronts include either a single door or pair of doors which that will help to allow additional light in to your shop front allowing your customers to break down the barrier between the inside and the outside of your shop. If you are looking for exterior or interior frameless glass doors, North London Shop Fronts have an option for you.

Our toughened frameless glass shop fronts do not require an aluminium frame and therefore it is becoming very trendy and very common amongst shops, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, surgeries and commercial outlets. Toughened frameless glass is the most stylish and elegant looking shop front in todays market place.

Frameless glass shop fronts are an ideal solution for window displays; visually they look modern and contemporary, In today’s market place it’s a must have feature. It will attract window-shoppers, and entice potential customers inside your shop. It is the most effective way to catch the passing trade and increase your business growth.

Need your Frameless Glass Shop Front Doors automated?

North London Shop Fronts frameless glass shop front doors can be automated by using our Premises range of automatic door openers. Whether you require frameless automatic sliding doors or frameless automatic swing doors, North London Shop Fronts have the solution! The Premis range of automatic door openers are manufactured to the highest standards not only conforming to UK British Standards but also EN european standards.

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