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Toughened Glass Shopfront

The appearance might be confusing at first, it might look prone to break it easily because of its frameless design, and no support on the borders. Believe us, it’s the total opposite, most commonly the glass shop fronts used for is called safety glass. The name signifies the whole picture here.

Glass Front Doors are made 5 times tougher than the normal glass, it’s tenacious nature is achieved by heating the glass at higher temperatures above 600 degrees Celsius and immediately introducing it to cool. This phenomenon gives the glass more audacity and to withstand with higher, better, and improved suppressible strength.

Specialty | Predominance | Importance | Benefits of

  • To reveal your products to the people, it is the best option.
  • Other option could be merging it with automatic door, which uses the same glass, and used as the main entry point of the store, shop, office, showrooms, houses etc.
  • Specialty comes only together with sliding glass doors because it dominates over every other shop front which requires effort to open the door manually.
  • It raises the standard of the place where it is installed, take the example of frameless glass doors at malls, with high-end infrastructure. Representing the existence in the market doesn’t need marketing.
  • Being high in the class designer, manufactures and installation quality, we only strive and stringent about our work delivery. We take full endeavor in making it our responsibility, for the work given to us.
  • First is appearance: it evidently is high end.
  • Security: It can bear up to 250 degrees Celsius of intense temperature.
  • Frameless door design: nothing looks winsome and lovely but a simple sober design which has the minimalistic design.
  • Best to reveal the creditable products: places like jewelry shops, hotel restaurants entry gates, furniture store etc. takes the advantage of frameless glass doors very well.
Benefits of:
  • Commercial glass doors: it enhances the beauty of the place for sure, but these are limited to some places such as companies, offices, restaurants, gyms, or a shop owner.
  • Frameless glass sliding doors: as the name says everything about it, benefits of getting one can be enormous, like pollution and dust control, climate changes control, saves money, energy costs, effort, helps aged people and children to cross it easily.
  • Automatic sliding door: where the doors are intelligent enough to open the door for you, without appointing a person specifically. These are the most prevailing choice of the shop owners.

Picking the right shop front glass doors out of so many options can be daunting, confusing, and jittering for you. Don’t worry, we have got all covered up for you, feel free to give us a call at 07861712270 or reach us via email on and you will always get the better guidance and support.


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