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March 6, 2021


Toughened Glass Shop Fronts Mayland, Essex

Toughened Glass Shop Fronts is produced by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Toughened glass is physically and thermally stronger than normal glass

Toughened Glass is often referred to as safety glass. It is more resistant to breakage than normal float glass. When it breaks it stays in small pieces which is much safer. This glass is approximately five times stronger than annealed glass of equal thickness. It is suitable where safety glazing is required by building codes or design specifications and for all glass entrances and shop fronts.

Shop Fronts North London have decades of experience in producing toughened glass and are one of Mayland leading manufactures. If you like what you see please give us a call, our sales team are friendly and waiting for your call. We are one of London and Mayland largest Shop Front Companies.

Call us at: 07861712270, 07730286838 or you can email us on info@northlondonshopfronts.co.uk