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April 18, 2021


Quick & Easy-Electric shutters provide you the ability to open and close your store with a click of a button. No manual force is needed, as soon as you arrive to the store a click of a remote is all it takes for the shutters to rise and as you leave for closing again a click of a button as you walk away from your store and the shutters will close automatically.

Security-Electric shutters provide you with the security you need from many things, such as burglaries and intruders. Or even just a piece of mind for when you are handling cash in the store you are able to close the shutter from your seat. There are also systems in place which can link your shutters with the alarm system where if there is an attempt of a break in you can get a notification on your phone.

Protection from the weather-Aluminium shutters also protect your premises from the weather in all conditions such as rain wind and even sunlight. sunlight can be a major problem for some businesses as the UV rays can damage goods and the structure within the store, aluminium shutters minimise this problem.